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As real estate investors ourselves, we understand that closing deals is time-sensitive. Our streamlined hard money loan process typically takes 5-10 business days from Custom Rate Quote to loan funding. For repeat borrowers this time is reduced.

The Aloha Capital hard money loan application process is conveniently designed to:

  • Efficiently analyze your project and evaluate your business needs
  • Deliver desired results with flexibility and quality customer service
  • Provide fast and reliable funding

hard money loan process timeline

  1. Request your Custom Rate Quote with our easy to use form
  2. Aloha will contact you to discuss your custom loan options
  3. Order appraisal
  4. Complete loan application and submit supporting documents listed on  Borrower Checklist
  5. Underwriters will review the loan package
  6. Upon approval, your hard money loan is ready to fund

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