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All borrowers need:

  1. Signed loan application
  2. Personal financial statement
  3. Credit report
  4. Appraisal by approved Aloha appraiser
  5. Bank or brokerage statements documenting cash reserves
  6. Rehab timeline and budget
  7. Copy of valid driver’s license
  8. Proof of residence
  9. Signed non-owner occupied, business loan acknowledgment
  10. Evidence of property insurance, with Aloha as additional insured
  11. Business entity docs: articles of organization or incorporation, signed operating agreement, certificate of good standing, resolution and statement of authority
  12. HUDs documenting previous experience

Some borrowers may need:

  1. Two years of tax returns
  2. Two months of paystubs
  3. Evidence of flood insurance, with Aloha as additional insured