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Use this loan request form to provide details on your permanent financing needs for a single family, 2-10 unit, townhome or condo.

This loan can be used on a rental property that is already or about to have long-term leases in place; or on a property that is a short-term vacation rental or medium term rental (over 30 days per tenant). This loan offers a maximum of 80% of purchase, 80% LTV for a rate/term refinance and 75% LTV for a cash-out refinance.  

Loan Qualifications: We underwrite the borrower(s) financial stability (FICO >680 & background check), relevant experience, current liquidity as well as the properties value and compare current rent to market rent. Typically the best rates are when the property has 1.15+ DSCR, but the loan can qualify down to .80 DSCR (add’l liquidity requirements apply).

Multiple Property Loans: If you need financing on more than two properties, please complete the attached excel file or provide your own excel with the relevant details listed in the below.