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Jeremy Russell

Jeremy Russell

Director of Lending

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*** Use this to access a letter you can use along with your purchase offer.  

Investor Friendly Financing


Our fix and flip loans allow you to purchase a property, rehab it, and then re-sell ore refinance it as quickly as possible. For professional investors (10+ Relevant Experience), we offer up to 100% of purchase, 100% of rehab up to 80% ARV with a 12 month term.


Our fix & hold loans allow you to purchase a property and rehab it before refinancing into a permanent loan. Since we also provide permanent financing, we can assist our client’s goal to have minimal capital locked into the property after it is stabalized. 


If you’re looking to quickly purchase an investment property or unlock capital in a property you own with low LTV or no debt, this loan provides you with flexibility and speed! We offer 80% of purchase, or 75% for a cashout.  Typically, a 13-24 month term with no pre-payment penalty.


This loan program is designed for fast and efficient financing of value-add multifamily projects where the units or building needs rehab or does not qualify for bank or agency financing due to occupancy issues from the prior management team. Up to 85% of purchase and 100% of rehab up to 75% of the stable value. No DSCR requirements, No Pre-Payment Penalty.


We provide financing for builders with entitled or shovel-ready lots or teardown projects in infill locations. We are actively funding build-to-rent and build-to-sell projects including single-family, multifamily, mixed used, condo, and townhome projects across the country. We provide 75-85% LTTC on single-family or townhome projects and 70-80% LTTC on multifamily or mixed-used projects.


Do you need to purchase or refinance an investment rental property or portfolio? Our 30 year fixed, long-term financing allows for the aggregation of stabilized rental properties with less paperwork and frustration than working with a bank. Single Family, Condo, Townhomes, and 2-12 Units properties are allowed. Long Term or Short Term Rentals. No Debt-To-Income Requirement.   

I highly recommend the Aloha team! They worked with me through the entire process, and kept me up-to-date and informed throughout….my attorney’s office said that they were the most responsive and punctual lender that they’ve dealt with in a long time!

Daniel Innarella

The team at Aloha Capital are a pleasure to work with! We have several projects with them and have recommended them to several colleagues who have had positive experiences as well. Not only are they fast and thorough, but, they are also great people to associate with! They are my first option when looking for capital partners on my projects. They have the experience and products to do almost ANY project you desire, basic reno, pop-tops, ground up, and don’t forget to ask about the new 30 year Buy and Hold Program they’ve got! Mahalo! 

Michael Rocco Montana

I flip several houses a month and use Aloha for all of my lending. I have had only good experiences with this lender! The staff is outstanding and goes over the top to make sure all of my lending needs are taken care of! They bend over backwards to work with my hectic schedule too!! Thank you! 

Tom Fischer


A Lender that cares about your success!



Use this loan request form to provide details on your development financing needs for a single family, 2-4 unit, townhome or condo projects.

This loan can be used for development projects where the entitlements, plans and permits are in place at the time of close. Leverage varies based on project size and scope with maximum of 90% LTTC (Total Project Cost including land, hard/soft cost budget and interest reserve) up to 70% of exit value).  

Loan Qualifications: We underwrite the borrower(s) financial stability (FICO > 680 & background check), relevant experience, current liquidity as well as the properties value and the accuracy of the construction budget.



Use this loan request form to provide details on your short-term financing needs for a 5+ unit property.

This loan can be used for a transactional bridge allowing you to quickly purchase or cash out refinance a property that does not need renovation (up to 75% LTV). It is also used for value-add transactions, in this case the max leverage is related to the borrower(s) past, relevant experience with these types of projects (Up to 80% of purchase, 100% of renovation cost with max 75% of stable value).

Loan Qualifications: We underwrite the borrower(s) financial stability (FICO >680 & background check), relevant experience, current liquidity as well as the properties value and the accuracy of the renovation budget.