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Earn 8% to 20% Annually Through Passive, Direct Note Investing


 We offer passive investors the opportunity to invest into notes on residential real estate projects that are personally guaranteed by creditworthy borrowers. The notes are underwritten, originated and serviced by Aloha Capital, so you can sit back and earn monthly interest. 

(Note Size of $75K to $1M+)


Invest in real estate, without the hassle or expense of managing the property!

How it Works?

Aloha Capital makes it easy to invest in high yield notes collateralized by real estate. We do all of the heavy lifting, so that you can be a truly passive real estate investor. We identifying, underwrite, originate, service and oversee each loan offered to our passive note investors.

We underwrite and originate a short-term bridge loan on a residential investment property.

We display the loan, property and borrower details on our Passive Note Platform.


Passive investors (like you) select a loan to invest in and we provide a full due diligence package.


We send a Loan Purchase & Servicing Agreement via DocuSign to you.


You wire in the loan amount & we provide an Assignment & Allonge.

Aloha services the loan on your behalf and delivers monthly interest payments into your bank account.

Investing in Real Estate as the lender means you get a personal guarantee of payment instead of signing one!