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9% to 13% Yield

Investing in a whole note allows you to get early access to new notes on the Aloha Passive Note Platform.

*Notes range from $75,000 to $500,000+


9.5% to 12.5% Yield

Choose to participate in one or more notes on the Aloha Passive Note Platform without having to purchase an entire note. This allows you to easily create a personalized, diversified portfolio.

*$25,000 Minimum


8% to 9% Yield


Participate in a note that Aloha or another investor will hold a 10% 1st loss position on. This provides an additional layer of wealth preservation to the note investors.


*$100,000 Minimum


14% to 20% Yield

In limited occasions, Aloha offers its investors 2nd position notes (junior to another lender) or B-piece notes that have 1st loss within the 1st position loan. These provide significantly higher investor yield and require extra due diligence to mitigate risk.

*25,000 Minimum



A managed portfolio of first position, short-term notes on residential investment projects including fix & flip, fix & rent, transactional bridge and small multifamily value-add projects that meet our institutional credit guidelines.

Individual notes in the portfolio are sold on the institutional secondary market, thus selling away tail risk as loans age and creating liquidity to add newly originated loans.

This strategy provides accredited investors with consistent income and wealth preservation along with enhanced liquidity.

*Accredited Investors Only, $100K Minimum


With over $600 million in loans across 4,000 transactions nationwide, Aloha Capital is your trusted partner to access truly passive investments into residential real estate. Invest as little as $25,000 and enjoy annual returns of 8% to 20%, distributed monthly.

Aloha LTD Income Fund (Accredited Only).

Aloha Passive Notes (Accredited or Non-Accredited Investors Allowed). 


Reliable Returns

As a lender, you earn interest instead of paying it. We prefer playing the role of the bank. Aloha Capital has issued over 4,000 loans with a low default rate of 0.40%, offering consistent and positive returns.

Since 2015, our fund has matched the performance of the S&P 500 but without the drawdowns experienced by the S&P, which has declined by 25%, 20%, and 14% at various times.

Monthly Income

Invest with us and choose between monthly direct deposits to your bank account or compounding returns.

No need for property management, contractors, or multiple offers—just sit back and enjoy passive income.

Wealth Preservation

Mortgage loans offer built-in downside protection.

They’re secured by first-position liens on residential investment properties and issued to creditworthy, professional real estate investors who personally guarantee repayment

Enhanced Liquidity

Our residential real estate investments offer more liquidity than owning property or joining syndications. Individual notes have durations from 3 to 12 months, providing flexibility for reinvestment or capital reallocation.

Our Fund allows for no-lockup, quarterly withdrawals, making the assets more liquid compared to traditional real estate or syndicate investments

Instant Access

Quickly put your capital to work in real estate.

Achieve immediate diversification by investing in one of our funds or select individual notes through our Passive Note Platform. 

Diversified Portfolio

Achieve instant portfolio diversification by investing in real estate in two strategic ways: either buy individual notes to qualified borrowers across the country or invest in a Fund packed with hundreds of notes.

The former allows you to pick and choose, tailoring your exposure, while the latter offers a one-stop solution for broad diversification. Both options provide immediate breadth to your real estate holdings, minimizing risk and enhancing potential returns.