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10%+ Annual Net Return Target

A managed portfolio of first position, short-term loans on residential investment properties in top performing markets in the United States. The fund seeks to deliver double digit annualized returns by incorporating leverage and opportunistic lending strategies along with the successful strategy deployed in the legacy fund.
  • Launching in Early 2023

  • $250K Minimum Investment 

  • Quarterly Interest Income Distributions or Compounding

  • 1 Year Lockup, Quarterly Withdrawals



Actual performance capsule will be provided upon launch in 2023. 


The Aloha LTD Income Fund is used as a source of origination capital for Aloha Capital, an affiliated Nationwide Lender, that underwrites and originates $200M (annually and growing) of short-term bridge loans collateralized on investment properties with personal guarantees by the underlying borrower(s).

A majority of the loans linked to the Fund meet securitization market or institutional investor credit guidelines allowing for a significant portion of the portfolio to be sold to the secondary market within days or weeks of origination.

This strategy of selling away tail-end risk, along with Aloha Capital’s institutional underwriting capabilities, results in a portfolio that delivers a high-yield (8% Target) and lower risk return (compared to holding notes to term) from a diversified pool of notes early in their life cycle. 


Reliable Returns

Our team of lending experts has produced a stellar 7+ year track record of success. We have consistently provided high-yield, low volatility returns in our legacy Fund.

Enhanced Liquidity

A residential real estate investment that is more liquid than owning property or individual notes. Monthly additions and quarterly withdrawals of capital after a 1 year gate.

Completely Passive

Investing in our note funds requires zero work by you. Investors simply receive completely passive, interest income payments every quarter, deposited directly to their bank account via ACH.

Diversified Portfolio

Gain instant access to a diversified pool of 1st position, short-term bridge loans on residential real estate in 40+ markets. In addition, by investing in the fund you get to instantly deploy your capital into a diversified asset.  

Quarterly Income

Investors receive monthly reports on their account and details on the portfolio of loans. You decide to receive quarterly income via direct transfer into your bank account, or compound returns.

Third Party Oversight

The Fund employs two third party CPA firms, one for monthly accounting and one for annual audited financial statements. This redundant structure provides our investors with maximum safety. 



“I’ve been an investor in Aloha LTD income fund since 2015 and greatly appreciate the job Aloha has done on my behalf. The Fund has cranked out positive returns month after month, with minimal volatility. The consistent income has been beneficial. Having known the principals of Aloha Capital for 20+ years, I find them to be trustworthy and forthright professionals who are readily available whenever I need them. I would recommend investing in the Aloha Fund.”

Jacki Stroehmann
Investor since 2015

I have been investing with Steve and Chris for over 20 years now, including currently in Aloha LTD income Fund.  I have known them both to be 100% honest and extremely responsive to any questions or concerns that may arise.  The Fund has had positive returns for over 60 straight months and counting!  In these tumultuous times that is truly remarkable.  I would highly recommend this investment and would be glad to speak personally with anyone interested.

Jack Hamilton
Investor since 2015

I am an emergency department physician and have been invested with Aloha since they were established.  I have both personal and pension funds with Aloha which amount to a significant portion of my net worth.  What I particularly like is the fact that with my personal funds, I am able to get monthly income directly deposited into my personal bank account.  Since I have invested in Aloha from December 2015, there has never been a negative month.  This kind of stability has given me the opportunity to work less shifts that I have in the past.

Randy Bensen
Investor since 2015


Aloha’s founders have been successfully managing investment funds together since 1996. Steve, Chris and Kevin oversee the strategy and operations of both the lending and investment management businesses. 

Steve Sapourn

Steve sets underwriting guidelines and portfolio allocation – focused on maximizing returns and mitigating risk. He's managed investments in a variety of asset classes for 25+ years and created quantitative trading strategies in the futures, stock, and volatility markets. He’s also served as portfolio manager for a Fund of Funds, where he analyzed hundreds of alternative investment strategies. Steve has deep experience in real estate and a history of investing in commercial and single-family residential projects.

Steve Sapourn

Founder, Portfolio Manager

Christopher Jones

Chris oversees business development, investor relations and capital partnerships. With 25 years of experience in alternative investments, Chris has raised $250 million in assetsand has been instrumental in growing four companies. Through firms like Sapourn Financial Services, Dekker Capital Management and Diamond Peak Capital, he’s delivered solid absolute returns across varied market cycles.

Christopher Jones

Founder, Investor Relations

Kevin Hill

Kevin oversees operations, compliance, underwriting, marketing and sales efforts. He has more than 15 years of experience in the alternative investment space, including managing operations at AlphaMetrix–a managed account platform with $3 billion in assets. He has grown several financial services and technology businesses through execution of technology, process, people and partnerships.

Kevin Hill

Partner, Chief Operating Officer