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High Yield, Passive Income

Expand and diversify your investment portfolio by investing in short-term notes that provide current income, capital preservation and a truly uncorrelated return!

We offer several ways to access passive, high yield returns: Our diversified debt fund, individual whole note(s) or income participations through our passive note platform, our a combine both options to access the right combination of target return and liquidity for you.



Reliable Returns

Being on the lender’s side of the table means you are collecting interest instead of paying it. Aloha Capital has originated thousands of loans with a very low default rate and consistent, positive return.

Our leaders are regular speakers at industry events and podcasts with a focus on educating both active and passive investors on managing risk and return through different parts of the real estate cycle.    

Enhanced Liquidity

A residential real estate investment that is more liquid than owning property or investing in syndications.

Our individual notes range from 3 to 12 months in length, while our Fund’s have no lockup, 45 days notice w/ quarterly withdrawals & 6 month lock up with 90 days notice w/ quarterly withdrawals.


U.S. Real Estate Market

Easy access to a robust sector that has strong economic fundamentals. The $38 Trillion US housing market is one of the best asset classes in the world.

Our residential lending strategy has outperformed the S&P 500 since inception (2015) and provided a positive, uncorrelated return in 2022.

Instant Access

Get your capital to work through instant access to Real Estate!

Gain instant diversification to residential real estate by investing in one of our Funds or invest in individual notes already originated that you select via our Passive Note Platform. 

Monthly Income

No matter which way you invest with us, you can receive monthly or quarterly income via direct transfer into your bank account. Or choose to compound returns within our Funds.

No property management, no contractors, no multiple offers. Sit back and collect passive income.

Wealth Preservation

Your investment into real estate via debt has built in downside protection.  

The notes are collateralized by 1st position liens on residential investment properties to creditworthy, professional real estate investors who are signing personal guarantees to repay the debt!




9% to 13% Yield

Invest in short-term notes collateralized by residential real estate and personal guarantees by creditworthy real estate investors.

Investing in a whole note allows you to get early access to new notes on the Aloha Passive Note Platform!

*Notes range from $75K to 500K+


8% to 12% Yield

Invest in short-term notes collateralized by residential real estate and personal guarantees by creditworthy real estate investors.

This option allows you to choose to participate in one or more notes on the Aloha Passive Note Platform without having to purchase an entire note allowing you to easily diversify your portfolio.

*$50K Min.




A managed portfolio of first position, short-term notes on residential investment projects including fix & flip, fix & rent, transactional bridge and small multifamily value-add projects that meet our institutional credit guidelines.

Individual notes in the portfolio are sold on the secondary market, thus selling away tail risk as loans age and creating liquidity to add newly originated loans.

This strategy provides accredited investors with consistent income and wealth preservation along with enhanced liquidity.

*Accredited Investors Only, $100K Min.