High-Yield Residential Real Estate Debt Fund

Accredited Investors Only.

Income over $200,000 ($300,000 joint) or a Net Worth exceeding

$1 million excluding your primary residence.


Institutional High-Yield Real Estate Debt Fund

Institutionally managed portfolio of high-yield, first position loans on residential properties that provides accredited investors with consistent current income and wealth preservation. Institutionally managed portfolio of first position loans on residential real estate across the U.S. providing accredited investors with consistent income and wealth preservation.

high yield

Fund Benefits and Features

Reliable Returns

Our team of lending experts has produced a stellar 6 year track record of success. We have consistently provided high-yield, low volatility returns.

Enhanced Liquidity

A residential real estate investment that is more liquid than owning property or individual notes. Monthly additions and quarterly withdrawals of capital.

Real Estate Investment

Easy access to a robust sector that has strong economic fundamentals. The $38 Trillion US housing market is one of the best asset classes in the world.

Diversified Portfolio

Gain instant access to a diversified pool of 1st position, short-term bridge loans on residential real estate in 40+ states.

Monthly Income

Investors receive monthly reports on their account and details on the portfolio of loans. You decide to receive monthly income via direct transfer into your bank account, or compound returns.

Third Party Oversight

The Fund employs two third party CPA firms, one for monthly accounting and one for annual audited financial statements. This redundant structure provides our investors with maximum safety. 


For more detailed information, download our investor presentation.


” I’ve been an investor in Aloha LTD income fund since 2015 and greatly appreciate the job Aloha has done on my behalf. The Fund has cranked out positive returns month after month, with minimal volatility. The consistent income has been beneficial. Having known the principals of Aloha Capital for 20+ years, I find them to be trustworthy and forthright professionals who are readily available whenever I need them. I would recommend investing in the Aloha Fund. “

Jacki Sroehmann
Investor since 2015

I have been investing with Steve and Chris for over 20 years now, including currently in Aloha LTD income Fund.  I have known them both to be 100% honest and extremely responsive to any questions or concerns that may arise.  The Fund has had positive returns for over 60 straight months and counting!  In these tumultuous times that is truly remarkable.  I would highly recommend this investment and would be glad to speak personally with anyone interested.

Jack Hamilton
Investor since 2015

” I am an emergency department physician and have been invested with Aloha since they were established.  I have both personal and pension funds with Aloha which amount to a significant portion of my net worth.  What I particularly like is the fact that with my personal funds, I am able to get monthly income directly deposited into my personal bank account.  Since I have invested in Aloha from December 2015, there has never been a negative month.  This kind of stability has given me the opportunity to work less shifts that I have in the past.

Randy Bensen
Investor since 2015