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Bridge and Long-Term Lending on Residential Investment Properties


We offer fast, flexible and reliable bridge, hard money, and amortizing term loans at competitive rates to help you leverage your experience and take advantage of real estate investment opportunities throughout Louisiana. We provide loans for the acquisition, refinance, cash-out refinance of investment properties including: Fix-and-Flips, BRRRR, Fix-to-Rent, Turnkey Rentals, Multifamily Value-Add, Apartment Acquisitions, and infill Residential Development.

Aloha Capital offers a wide range of investment property loans on residential properties located in Louisiana including Prairieville, Elmwood, Lake Terrace & Oaks, Westminster, Shenandoah, etc.  

Aloha Capital is a private, direct lender. We are not a loan broker, which means we underwrite & fund loans with capital we control. This means that our investment committee has the control to decide quickly if we are provide the loan.    


Aloha Capital was created by real estate investors, for real estate investors investing in Louisiana. 

No matter if you are focused on Fix & Flips, Buy & Holds or Turnkey Investments, or Residential Developments, we understand your business and are here to help you succeed and grow! As an established private money lender serving Louisiana, we  specialize in real estate investment property loans that banks and conventional lenders are not able to fund. A Louisiana hard money loan may be your best choice if you’re purchasing property in need of renovation, needing to purchase a property quickly (in less than two weeks), wanting to purchase the property with joint venture partners in an LLC, or wanting higher leverage than the bank or conventional lender is able to provide.    

Need a Hard Money Loan in Louisiana? We Are Here to Help!

We can provide loan terms in <24 hours & can fund loans quickly based on common sense underwriting. We review the profitability or cash flow of the property along with the experience, liquidity and credit-worthiness of the team seeking the loan. We are happy to review your next investment that needs financing. Give us a call at (303)-245-0291 and our team of Loan Consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

Bridge & Permanent Loan Options

We’re here to help you grow your real estate business! We provide streamlined loan underwriting, customized lending solutions and competitive rates to active real estate investors in Louisiana. Our loans are available on Single Family, Condo, Townhome and Multifamily properties.

Louisiana Hard Money Acquisition Loan

This loan is used to purchase a specific residential property when traditional lenders or banks cannot close on time due to their slower loan acceptance and underwriting process. Our hard money acquisition loan provide borrowers the option to close within days or weeks rather than months. Additionally, Aloha’s  acquisition loans can assist if the property has deferred maintenance, or a borrower’s credit, debt-to-income ratio or liquidity does not meet traditional lenders’ requirements.

 Louisiana Bridge Loan

This loan is used as short-term financing to help investors acquire or cash out quickly. This allows our clients to make an opportunistic purchase and compete with all cash offers. While traditional underwriting processes can take weeks, our team can complete the borrower and property underwrite in a matter of days. For repeat clients, we offer our Express Loan program which can allow for a closing within 7 days and sometimes faster. If you are in need of an investor friendly investment property loan, our bridge loan is a great choice! 

Louisiana Fix & Flip Loan

This loan is used to renovate an existing property that has deferred maintenance, or is in need of a gut rehab to bring the property back to life and meet the quality standards of the neighborhood. Our Fix & Flip loan can be used for light or heavy rehabs as well as adding ADU’s or adding square footage to an existing property. A value-added loan is a method to maximize cash flow or profit and can also be referred to as “stabilizing” the property.

Louisiana Multifamily Apartment Loan

This loan provides speed, simplicity, and reliability of execution for stable and value-add multifamily acquisitions and refinances. We actively finance small & middle market multifamily transactions across the country. Our loan can be used for distressed multifamily properties that need capex and rent increases to stabilize or turnkey properties that need seasoning before long term financing is available.

Louisiana Residential Development Loan

This loan is used to purchase or refinance shovel-ready lots or teardown projects. Our loan can be for spec builders building one home at a time, or developers building infill townhomes, sub-divisions, condos or apartments. This loan has no exit fees, or pre-sale requirements making it more friendly for our development clients. Building-to-Sell or Build-to-Rent, Aloha is ready to be your partner

Louisiana Rental Property Loan (DSCR)

This loan is used to obtain permanent, long-term financing on both long-term or short term (Vacation/AirBnb/VRBO) rental properties. It can be used to purchase or refinance a single property or portfolio of properties. This loan allows investors to avoid the headache of qualifying for a Fannie/Freddie loan as it does not include a Debt-to-Income (DTI) qualifier; this loan is qualified on the Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio (DSCR) of the property. The loan can be used on an unlimited # of rental properties held individually or in an entity.    

Current Rates & Terms

We succeed by delivering the best financing solution to our clients who fix & flip, renovate, develop and build properties in Louisiana.

Loan Guidelines & Process

We provide common sense lending to real estate investors buying, building, renovating, flipping, and renting residential real estate in Louisiana.

Diverse Loan Options

Invest with confidence that you will close the deal by working with a lender that provides transparent loan options for Louisiana real estate investors.

Tools & Estimators

Our Real Estate Investment Tools & Calculators quickly and efficiently analyze a potential real estate investment for profitability. 


"I highly recommend the Aloha team! They worked with me through the entire process, and kept me up-to-date and informed attorney's office said that they were the most responsive and punctual lender that they've dealt with in a long time! "

Daniel I.

"The team at Aloha Capital are a pleasure to work with! We have several projects with them and have recommended them to several colleagues who have had positive experiences as well. Not only are they fast and thorough, but, they are also great people to associate with! They are my first option when looking for capital partners on my projects. They have the experience and products to do almost ANY project you desire, basic reno, pop-tops, ground up, and don't forget to ask about the new 30 year Buy and Hold Program they've got! Mahalo! "

Michael M.

"I flip several houses a month and use Aloha for all of my lending. I have had only good experiences with this lender! The staff is outstanding and goes over the top to make sure all of my lending needs are taken care of! They bend over backwards to work with my hectic schedule too!! Thank you! "

Tom F.

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