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Monthly Liquidity + Guaranteed Monthly Yield


Our short-term notes offer 7.00% to 8.00% yield depending on investment size. The product is designed to accommodate investor liquidity needs and allows investors to strategically invest cash while they determining their next investment allocation.


The short-term note offers monthly liquidity with 30 days notice to withdrawal and Aloha Capital guarantees the monthly yield on a month-to-month basis with option to discontinue the note and return capital or provide an option allocate to another Aloha Capital passive investment opportunity.


$100K (7.00%) | $250K (7.50%) | $500K (8.00%)


Poor cash returns can have a detrimental impact on an investment portfolio’s total performance, especially in this current inflationary environment. Short Term, Guaranteed Notes offer a perfect solution! The option to reinvest into other investment opportunities with a short notice period makes this a no brainer. And there are no fees charged.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Investing in Real Estate as the lender means you get a personal guarantee of payment instead of signing one!