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Our team of loan consultants will provide preliminary loan terms within 24 hours. Please complete the below loan application form for the most accurate quote. You can also email with the below information with the property address in the subject line:

  • Investment Type (Fix&Flip, BRRRR, Development, Long-Term Rental, Short-Term Rental)?
  • Property Type (Single Family, 2-4 Unit, 5+ Unit, Mixed Use, Etc)?
  • Held in LLC or Individuals name?
  • Borrowers FICO score?
  • Borrowers Real Estate Experience?
  • Property Address?
  • Purchase Price or As-Is Value?
  • If Value-Add: Rehab Budget?
  • If Value-Add: After Repair Value?
  • If Rental: LTR or STR? Estimated Monthly Rent?
  • If Rental: Annual Taxes, Insurance, HOA Fees?
  • If Development: Status of entitlements and permits?
  • If Multifamily(5+ Unit): Provide Proforma Rent Roll/Financials

Loan Application Form